Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Movie Trading Cards Booster Pack - WOTC

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Released in 2001

Produced by Wizards Of The Coast 

Booster Packs come from a freshly opened booster box

This listing is for 1 pack

Wizards of the Coast is best known for their trading card games. In fact, they’re a juggernaut on that side of the hobby thanks to Magic: The Gathering and a lengthy run with Pokemon during its early years. Of course, there was a Harry Potter trading card game as well that also debuted in 2001. The base set has 80 cards, focusing mainly on characters and moments from the first Harry Potter movie. It consists of 80 cards using an oversized tall boy format. The first 40 cards have Holofoil parallels that land approximately 1:5 packs. (Info via Tradercracks)