Pokemon Babanuki Old Maid Japanese Playing Card Deck - Red

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Let's play together! A new sensation, "Pokémon Granny / Babanuki Old Maid "

A new kind of "Pokémon Granny / Babanuki Old Maid " with cute loose illustrations exclusive to the Japanese Pokemon Center! The basic rules are the same as the old lady, so everyone from children to adults can enjoy it!

To play "Pokémon Granny / Babanuki Old Maid", draw a card from the person next to you on the right, and say out loud the cries of the pokémon written on it. Even if you pull Baba's Gengar, it will say "Ge-n-ga-!" Even if you get caught, the cards with special effects will change the flow of the game, so you won't know how the game will turn out until the very end!