Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel Disc Japanese + 3 Promo & 4 ID Cards

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Product Contents:

1 Duel Disc (for the rush duel only) x 1
This is the newest version of the Duel Disc that can be worn on your arm with its original size.

Fully reproduces each zone, and can be worn on your arm to play the Rush Duel.
Includes more than 100 original characters from Yuga, Luke, Gactt, and Romin.

The solid vision and life counter will light up, and you can input life points. In addition, when life is increasing, you can recreate the animation from the movie.

Also supports the Maximum Summoning, and when you press 3 monster card zones at the same time, you can activate a special presentation.

Compatible with field magic and extra decks!
You can recreate the ID card slot and set the included ID card!
The deck zone is a card case and can be removed from the main unit. Can also be used as a separate card case.

Comes with 3 promo cards & 4 ID cards as pictured on the box.

Instruction manual is included. (Might be in Japanese)
Duel disc uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately).